Passages Nepal Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.

Passages Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has established in the tourism industry in 2010 by Mr. Rankesh and a great team of experts, years' experienced mountain leader, Himalayan guides, Sherpa, mountaineering guides and supporters in Nepal known as the best trekking company in Nepal. This trekking comany has peak experience, Climbing and mountain expedition. Our trekking agency, staff for trekking, tours and mountain guides are educated and well known of Nepal, its cultures, history, mountain culture and it's climbing expedition. We are legally registered by Nepalese law, rules and regulation in NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) Company Registration office, Local cottage and industry office, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) for dollar exchange and affiliated with many tourism related umbrella organizations like TAAN (Nepal Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project) and etc. The terms and conditions are well said to secure both sides which makes secure, success and happiness.

We are small group of the company but authentic, energetic and enthusiastic to satisfy our valued clients through our mountain leaders, instructors and guides services. We provide our services for both independent trekkers and group walkers. We mostly generalize our team through management, administration and field coordinator. We are well known guide for Kathmandu trek, tour outside the valley. Pokhara and other major cities are our favorite places and well guided places.

Passages Nepal organize  various types of trekking,  tours, expedition and other adventure activities  like bungee jumping, wall climbing,  city tours,  Himalaya treks,  Mountain climbing,  jungle walking, safari, rafting, family holidays,  vacation trips, sightseeing and hiking around Kathmandu, patan, Bhaktapur and pokhara valley. The Lumbini tours takes more than 3 days.

We have a scheme for the travel and tours agent with our slogan "Be adventure agent and make money".  Not only this, we also operate the tours, trek and seminar for the business team and other corporates.

Our team in Nepal has expanded in each and every tourist city and destination to employ the locals to support their economy and to know the real taste of tourism and its value for the entire communities. Our guide and porter team are always stay in active and hurry up to help our clients with their hospitality and welcome to make your dream come in true.


To provide maximum satisfaction to all kinds of adventure lovers, trekker, mountaineer and holiday makers through responsible and creative leaders with great services, hospitality, safety, finding new destination and guiding in featured trails in the Himalayas ensuring them about Nepalese cultures and custom, natural flora and fauna as well as mountain history to sustain Nepal tourism to improve economic status and their daily lives.


To promote more destination and give different taste of adventures through trekking, hiking and tours.

Empower local to promoting tourism to sustain economically by themselves bring them in the global tourism market.

Promote eco-friendly tourism and acknowledge about global warming and snow melting through seminar and tourism trade fair.

Ensure well management in tourism industry of Nepal and improve quality of services to do marketing globally which increase greater relationship in between Nepal and other countries.

Goal or value:

To bring all the tourist/ clients' happiness by any angle and bring them in zero negative impact in any model of tourism in Nepal.

  • About Us

    Nepal trekking company. We are a versatile Nepal trekking tour company based in Kathmandu Nepal offering adventure trekking and tours, dedicated to outdoor recreational trekking packages across Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet.  Our Experience:  For nearly 15 years, we have been working to provide the highest standard of services to our clients at a reasonable price as well as being environmentally friendly and preserving the…

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  • Be Adventure Agent and Make Money

    Becoming Adventure Consultants with Nepal trekking team in the Himalayas: Are you an experienced traveler: or do you sit with a travel dream you cannot afford to realize? Do you want to travel and take a tour to the Himalaya at no cost, and even earn money? Do you have likeminded friends, or a network of individuals who might like to…

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  • Family Holidays with children

    Family holidays with children trips in Nepal or with kids usually require a bit of extra planning than other adventure trekking, Expedition, and normal hiking. The trip with children considers all your needs, not least ensuring that both you and your children are happy, with interesting activities for everyone as well as time to relax while making the trip in the Nepalese hilly region.  Family…

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  • Guide and Porter Service Team

    Guide and porter service team in Nepal: We have divided a guide porter service management team for each and every single group to operate the Himalayan trip throughout the peak season and monsoon season, not only that we also operate in the winter season. This is to mean the accompanying individual, independent travelers and backpackers trekkers in Nepal Himalaya which makes…

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  • Terms and Conditions

    1. Company/We and traveler/you Passages Nepal (P) Ltd is trekking and Expedition Company registered under the laws of Nepal Government and accepts your reservations under the following terms and conditions. We encourage you to meet the teams and condition for travel and trekking in Nepal. To submit the travel, tour and trekking booking, you have to make an agreement terms…

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