Kathmandu trek

Kathmandu trek provide all types of travel services to the travelers.  Kathmandu is the first destination for whole Nepal travelers this is due to international airport is centralizing in Kathmandu. Only fewer Nepal travelers use the Indian boarders who travel from India to Kathmandu for their trekking, tour or other main adventure destinations.

Kathmandu trek has so many packages to make client's delightful travel, trekking and tours in Nepal and its beautiful Himalaya journeys. 

 Some of Kathmandu trek's highlighted packages are as below but most of them are listed into the sites header. Namely: Destination.

1. Kathmandu trek:                                                                    

i) 3 day Kathmandu trek                        

ii) 1 day hike Kathmandu 

iii) 2 day hike Kathmandu 

iv) Best hikes near Kathmandu

v) Day hikes Kathmandu valley

vi) Trekking in Kathmandu valley

vii) Hike for Nepal 

2. Kathmandu tour:

i) Kathmandu 1 day tour 

ii) Kathmandu tour package

iii) Kathmandu day tours

iv) Kathmandu sightseeing tour

v) Day trip around Kathmandu

vi) Kathmandu Nepal

vii) Kathmandu trek with guide and Maps 

3. Outside of Kathmandu valley trek:

i) Kathmandu trek to all trekking region trek

ii) Kathmandu Everest base camp trek

iii) Kathmandu to Gokyo valley tours

iv) Kathmandu  to Annapurna trek

v) Kathmand Annpurna base camp trek

vi) Kathmadu pokhara tour

vii) Kathmandu  ghorepani poon hill trek

viii) Kathmandu lumbini tour

ix) Kathmandu chitwan tours and safari

x) Kathmandu to ruby valley trek

Other packages are listed here into DESTINATIONS of the site's header. 

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