Kathmandu: Gateway of Nepal tourism

Kathmandu Valley:

KATHMANDU HIGHLIGHS; Kathmandu lies in the alleviation of 1400 meter from the sea leveL which is   known as capital city of the country with the population of 2.5 million inhabitant that increased by 4% each year where are all kinds of hotels and categories from non-star to 5 star hotels.

Immigration offices, embassies and foreign affairs offices and consultancy, government offices and domestic airports are in the heart of kathmandu city. So that the kathmandu is the first place to step in for Nepal Himalayas, it's trekking, tours and other purpose. The city has two major rivers (Bagmati and Bishnumati), Hindu temple pashupatinath.

Kathmandu  valley; itself has a great history, story and put its records of cultural phenomena and it is also the boundless destination of travelers and trekkers from all over the world. Nepal has only one international airport (Tribhuvan international Airport) TIA even there is other plans to expand the airports in other cities.

The airport in Nepal; Government has an aim which needs to complete within the year of 2019 to celebrate the tourism of 2020. The ambition of Nepal government and tourism industry is to bring more than 2.5 (two and half million) tourist in Nepal and will celebrate visit Nepal year 2020 with delightfully after the post earthquakes and new government of Nepal.

The infrastructures of airport, Roads, Hotels (small or big), trekking trails along the high pass, mountain trekking regions, historical ancient temples and monuments are upgrading.  The other international airport will have been constructed within the entire time period or NEPAL tourism year 2020.  Tourist starts to coming Nepal has estimated just after the roads connected in India in the early 1950 from the south has noted in the first time of tourism history in Nepal.

KAHTMANDU is the place where has to expand the holidays because there are so many historical and ancient story human inhabitant that shows and found by the ancient temple, monument and world heritages sites. As it is  the gateway of Nepal tourism, Kathmandu trek is boundless destination for all kind holiday planers, trekkers, Himalayan trail finders, high pass trekkers, Mountain trekking makers and all types of tours, adventure activity makers and climbers has to Kathmandu check in and  out from here once upon you arrival  and in the end of the day.  Kathmandu trek has designed some trekking and tour destinations in and around Kathmandu valley for rim treks as bellow. There is so many our Nepal trekking packages listed on Nepal destination. 

Kathmandu and our trekking agency: Our trekking agency or Our Nepal trekking company  is in right on the passage of two street, Paknajol and Z-street in Thamel. Kathmandu is the gateway of tourism in Nepal and its national hub of economy which is surrounded by four (4) major hills, namely: Chandragiri,  Nagarju, Shivapuri and Phulchoki hill. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and it is the kingdom of Nepal now is federal democratic republic of Nepal. Kathmandu is a brand of Passages Nepal trek and expeditions located on the side of Thamel called z-street at Paknajol. 

We do guide travelers, And we do organize tourism promotion campaign and workshop to find out Himalayan passages of Nepal, Bhutan,Tibet and India. To be honest, we are specialist of Nepal trekking, high pass passages and climbing expedition. And we happily assist you to arrange you holidays, trekking and other activities with essential documentations for  your whole Nepal travel documents.

Highlights of Kathmandu city or Kathmandu valley 

  • The capital c­­­ity Nepal or kingdom of Nepal
  • Headquarter ofBagmati zone
  • Trekking and tour destination where almost 1.5million people live in.
  • The population of Kathmandu increase by 4 to 5% each year.
  • Place of international airport
  • place of government offices
  • place of foreign consular and embassies
  • City of ancient temples, culture monuments and Buddhist monasteries.
  • Bagmati river and Bishnumati river
  • Word's heritages sites certified byUNISCO
  • The places for 3 to five days tours and trekking
  • Place ofDurbars squares inpagoda shapes.
  • Area extended 49.45km2
  • Elevation of 1400 mtrs
  • Place orbudget, middle class and5 start hotels
  • Place of easy access of marketing
  • Trade center
  • The main aircrafts for domestic airport