Manaslu and tsum valley trekking guide and porter hire

Do you need to hire a guide and porter for the Manaslu and Tsum valley trek, and is it necessary to hire a guide? Yes please, it is very necessary to hire because the region is in a restricted area. there are Many several areas accepting them. the trekking region has been divided into two different regions. One is the lower Manaslu trekking region and another one is the upper Manaslu trekking destination. The Upper Manaslu region has two different routes: the Manaslu circuit and the Tsum valley which need a trained and expert guide as well as at least a porter too. Though you can combine the itinerary if you want to strengthen your tour while you are making a trip to upper Manaslu. Both routes are is in the restricted area and need special permits to do the trek in the entire Tsum valley and Manaslu circuit or Larke la pass trek.
In fact, you need to hire Government trained license holder and insured trekking guide from government registered trekking agency to get the permit from the immigration of Nepal. Though you do not need a special permit to make the trip in the lower Manaslu region like Dharchemanaslu, Rupina la pass, and other village trekking destination but you still need to get normal trekking permits like MCAP permit and TIMS which is also essential for the restricted trekking areas as about we said.

In the meantime, you may urge questions "Do you provide guides and porters" And 'can you organize the trek in the Manaslu region' the answer is yes we do because we are formulated by the guide porter services team in each and every trekking destination.

We mostly provide Experienced local guides and porters who are government-trained and license holders, honest, hardworking, and fully insured people to make your trip meaningful, Enjoyable, and unforgettable. We provide the best trekking packages, guides, and porters finding great alternative ways of keeping your holidays in mind while you are in Nepal with us. Our day-by-day instructions, clients care, and flexibleness are the key points to making our client's each and every trekking, tour, climbing, and expedition successful 
Have you ever trekked to the Manaslu region where the Tsum valley trek and Manaslu circuit become one of the best tourist destinations in the Manaslu region?  Of course, the Manaslu circuit was already been very popular in Nepal trekking history. 

Manaslu circuit/Larke la pass and Tsum valley trek is the 4th most popular trekking destination in Nepal Mountain tourism. In the Mainstream, It is varied to know that they have their own local culture, rules, and regulation as well as norms and conditions in the region. Manalsu is in the northwest of Kathmandu and is bordered by Tibet on the north and the Annapurna mountain range on the west. 

So that we heartily welcome you to join our Manaslu and Tsum valley trekking guide and porters team. Of course, we are the same in the other trekking regions. please contact us for more info and to hire a guide and porters for Manaslu and Tsum valley trek as well as Larke la pass trek. Our email is [email protected]