Manaslu Region Trekking

Manaslu Trek is newly developed Trekking destination in Nepal which concern to generate new trekking and hiking routes in Nepal Himalaya. Nepal hikind and trekking routes being changing aften which links to people and its development initiatives of the region. The newly promoted trekking routes are judiciously made by local people, Nepal government and tourism development organization of Nepal. Trekking to Manaslu regiona has so many things to observe where you have to visit once in your life time. Gorkha durbar, goddes kali temple, Uinique cultures, handicrafts both traddinal ant modern, Gorkha museum, Panoramic Mountian views, terrace land, Hotels, community lodges, its traditonals histories are the main attraction of the region in Gorkha district bordering with the Tibetan Plateau of China o the North-East and Annapurna Conservation Area project west and Mid part of the Gorka District to the south. Now the region is decleared by the Manaslu Conervation area project known as MCAP in 1998 covered 1663 Sp.Km of 7 western VDCS. Region has one Major river called Budi gandaki in the middle. The name Numbri known as wenstern mountain valleys and Shyar is the eartern mountain valley of the Gorkha district in Manaslu region. VDCs and MCA devided into three valleys, Nubri, Tsum and Kutang. However, the village of Prok is also considered to be within the bounderes of Nubri. Kutag is the region along the Budi Gandaki Valley between Namrung and Dyang consisting of parts of Prok and Bihi VDCs. The Region along the Shyar khola valley in the eartern sector of the conservation area, comprising Chumchet and Chhekampar VDCs is known as Tsum Valley. Sirdibas VDC dot fall within any of traditional bounderies.

The Altitudinal variation starts from 1400m to 8163M from the sea level in Gorkha Manaslu reigion. The Mix culture in the region is another intereting and atraction of the region. Over 8929 local inhabitants reside in 56 villages. The Major Ethic group in all VDCs, Excepts Sirdibas, is Bhotia (also known as Lama). Gurung and karki are the Mojor ethnic groups in sirdibas VDC. Majority of the peopel follow Buddhism. Tisumba, Nubruba, Kutanba and Gurung are Major languages spone by the inhabitants.Culturally Tisum Valley is decleared as the as of Known voilence and killing of Animal is strictly prohibited. Late King Prithivi naraarayan shah is from Gorkha who is the first unification king of the modern Nepal in the Nepal political history. The Manaslu region provides habitants for 39 species of Mammals 201 species of birds and 755 species of plants are recorded form the area in accordance to MCA Projects. The Mammals, including Many protected and endengared species like, Snow leopard (panthera unicia), Laynx (feis lynx), grey wolf (canis lupus chanco), Musk deer (Moshus chrysogaster) And Assamese Monkey (Macaca assamensis) And Oher Himalayan indicatort species such blue sheep (Pseudis nayauir) And Himalayan Thar (hemitragus jemahicus). The bio-climatic zones varry from sub tropical to nival. nineteen types of forests vegetition provide different habitates for many protected, endangered and endemic plants, species and Mount Manaslu and the High larke pass are its attraction of the Manaslu region which devided like Manaslu circuit trek, Manaslu Tsum valley trekking, Larke la pass trekking, Rupina la pass trek, Lower Manaslu trek known as Dharche Manaslu trek and Ganesh himal basecamp. The region connect with Annapurna and Ganesh Himal.


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