Monsoon trek in Nepal start in June, July and, August

Monsoon season Trek (June, July, and August) is the less popular time for trekking in Nepal. How would it feel like trekking in Nepal in monsoon? Trekking under the heavy monsoon rain in the high mountains, will that be a wise decision to take? 

Do not hesitate, but go on the splendid monsoon trekking trips in Nepal. Monsoon isn’t the best season doesn’t mean it is the worst. Monsoon is a beautiful time. Fly to Nepal to explore those destinations that can be best explored during monsoon. Some of the trekking routes in Nepal those are best during monsoon season.

Monsoon trekking packages

Upper Mustang Trek, Upper Dolpo Trek, Rara Trek, Thorung La Pass Trek/Annapurna Circuit trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Nar Phu Valley Trek, Manang Tilicho Trek, Langtang valley trek, Ruby valley trek, and Limi Valley Trek, etc.

These treks are high altitude treks. And most of these lies in the rain shadowed region and hence receives null or very few rains. Nepal TREKKING IN MONSON season avoids rains.

 In these treks, chances of rain are only during the nights. Thus, the rainfall will not affect your trekking that much.

Trekking in these destinations in monsoon has their own perks. First of all, trekking in monsoon means you will have to encounter fewer crowds. If you are someone who loves peaceful trekking trails, monsoon is your time. Due to fewer crowds, you could also get heavy discounts on accommodation and food at the teahouses.

Also, the monsoon rain brings vegetation to life. You’ll see amazingly green valleys, forests, and hills. There is a beautiful flower grows feet tall and blooms on the meadows and forests around the trekking trail. You will have the best time with clean and green nature, and yes the tiny white anemones blossoms.

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