Monsoon trek in Nepal

Monsoon trek also a typical adventure trips in Nepal. Nepal has a total land area is 147,181 where the area of water is 3830 sq. located in South Asia between China in the north and  India in the south, east, and west. It runs east to west about 800 Km along its Himalayan axis 150 to 250 km north to south and is vertically transected by the river system and the country was divided into three main regions: Himalaya region, mid hill region, and Terai region, expanded 60 m kechana kalan of Jhapa to Mt. Everest 8,848m in Solukhumbu where the geographical coordinate are 28°00′N 84°00′E. Nepal has various trekking destination and season in accordance with geographical bio-diversity. The monsoon trekking is one of the seasonal activities due to its climatic temperatures and its rain falls. The Trans Himalayan route or in Mustang has only 300 mm rain when Pokhara deserve 3345.  The altitude below 2500 m to 3000 m has more rain than the above 3000m to 5500m but the humidity wetland found everywhere in those areas where you will have scenic views of flowering hills above 3000 and below 5500m.  Nepal, itself has unique culture, languages, believes and dresses accompanying with its landscapes. Some adventure entrepreneurs mentioned some article in the TripAdvisor too.

Monsoon trek also can kill off your interest in visiting Nepal and doing trekking in the Himalayas in main season for 5 to 6 months: March, April, September, October, November and half of December has main and top trekking in Annapurna region, Everest, Langtang region, Mustang area, Manaslu region Dolpo Rara and Mugu, though monsoon trek has specified in four destinations by our team of passages Nepal. 1. Mustang Trek, 2. Nar Phu valley trek in Manang, 3. Dolpo circuit, 4,  Rara lake trek and Somdang pangsang la trek. Trekking in monsoon will a great chance to glimpse the Yartung horse festival in Mustang and other bordered medieval kingdom. The Tiji festival also celebrates in the spring. So that our trekking itinerary also designed accordingly for the overall trekking season. The selective monsoon trek for the tourist is a way to achieve different experience for those who are willing to make the trip. Trekking can be organized after the sightseeing in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other major touristic areas.

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