Mount Kailash & Mansharowar Tour

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  • Destination: Tibet
  • Trip Duration: 16 Days
  • Trip Grade: Moderate
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The Mt. Kailash is regarded as the holy place of Hindu deities Shiva the lord of power and destruction and Parvati the divine beloved of the Lord Shiva. The Mt. Kailash and the Manasarovar Lake as in Hindus holy book Skanda Puran are known as the Meru, Sumeru, Sushumna, Hemadri, Ratnasanu, Karnikachala, Amaradri, Deva Parvata, Gana Parvata, Rajatadri. They lie to the western part of Tibet. A saying in Hindu religion is that the mountain and the lake are the purgatory. It is said that at the sight of the Mt. Kailash and the lake Manasarovar, a man will be released form his sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. The kora or the circular path is attempted through Dolma La (pass) at an altitude of 5630meter high.

The trip begins by drive from Kathmandu to the Tibetan border at Zhangmu and continues to Nyalam. After our stay in Nyalam, we drive to the Lake Manasarovar across widely spread open spaces of the Tibetan Plateau known as roof of the world. Then we make our most fascinating trip to Mt. Kailash and follow the track across vast arid plains for Nepalese border lies to the south. Finally, we take the trip back to Kathmandu.

Day to day itinerary:

  • Day 1:Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel. (1320m.)
  • Day 2:Sightseeing around Kathmandu valley
  • Day 3:Kathmandu to Nyalam (3750m)
  • Day 4:Nyalam to Saga (4840m)
  • Day 5:Saga to Barayang (4540m)
  • Day 6:Barayang to Manasarovar (4558m)
  • Day 7:Explore the Manasarovar Lake.
  • Day 8:Drive to Darchen (4560m)
  • Day 9:Trek to Dira Puk (Kailash Kora) (4900m)
  • Day 10:Trek to Zutul Puk (Kailash Kora) (4790m)
  • Day 11:Trek to Darchen and drive to Manasarovar
  • Day 12:Drive to Barayang
  • Day 13:Barayang to Saga
  • Day 14:Saga to Nyalam
  • Day 15:Drive to Kathmandu
  • Day 16:Transfer to airport and departure

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 1Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel. (1320m.)
  • Day 2Sightseeing around Kathmandu valley
  • Day 3Kathmandu to Nyalam (3750m)
  • Day 4Nyalam to Saga (4840m)
  • Day 5Saga to Barayang (4540m)
  • Day 6Barayang to Manasarovar (4558m)
  • Day 7Explore the Manasarovar Lake.
  • Day 8Drive to Darchen (4560m)
  • Day 9Trek to Dira Puk (Kailash Kora) (4900m)
  • Day 10Trek to Zutul Puk (Kailash Kora) (4790m)
  • Day 11Trek to Darchen and drive to Manasarovar
  • Day 12Drive to Barayang
  • Day 13Barayang to Saga
  • Day 14Saga to Nyalam
  • Day 15Drive to Kathmandu
  • Day 16Transfer to airport and departure
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