Nepal Travel Information

At least once in our lives, we must answer the call of the wild. Whether you are an experienced trekker with an insatiable hunger for adventure, or just someone who wants to escape the hectic urban jungle, Nepal has secrets paths to offer you. Tucked in between the borders of China and India, Nepal has a surprisingly rich blend of culture, steep history, stunning landscapes, and warm people.

Hands down, the best way to experience each of these facets of Nepal is by trekking. The best part is - you can trek any time of the year with various short or long tracks ranging from popular festive routes to remote areas that the average tourists never ventures, there is a trek suited for anyone who seeks adventure. Pass through icy rock trails, hike through the dazing heights of the Himalayas, glide through roaring rivers on a raft, experience village life and even taste the authentic Nepalese tea. With Passage Nepal, our experienced guides will take you through these experiences, ensuring safety, providing food and upholding hygiene standards to give you not just a memory but also a comfortable trip. Unless you dare to seek otherwise...For the experienced hiker, our guides will take you through the more off-beaten paths to rise to your challenge. Even for niche tourists such as charity and medical organizations or film crews, our guides know just the perfect track to cater to your needs.

Passages Nepal also endorses eco-tourism. All our routes and travel packages are planned with environmental conservation in mind. As our landscape is our prized asset, we must do our part to preserve it. You get to enjoy the splendor of the wildlife while helping us to conserve it!

So for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, come as a family, a couple on honeymoon, Mountaineer, a cultural explorer... whoever you are. With the sheer amount of undiscovered tracks awaiting you, perhaps once is not enough.

The Wild is calling you.

  • Festivals Of Nepal

    The Nepali calendar is clogged with festivals except during the rice-planting season, which coincides with the monsoon. One of the most important festivals celebrated by a majority of Nepalese people is Dashain but the more spectacular are the chariot festivals. The other important festivals are Tihar, Gai Jatra (jatra=festival in the Newari language), Bisket Jatra, Buddha Jayanti, Krishna Astami, Tihar,…

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  • Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Nepal

    American Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: 977-1-400-7200 Fax: 977-1-400-7272 Email: [email protected], [email protected] Australian Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal P.O Box 879, Phone: 977 437 1678 Fax: 977 437 1533 Austrian Consulate in Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: (+977) (1) 443 4648 (+977) (1) 443 4690 Fax: (+977) (1)…

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  • Nepal Visa Information

    Passports: All nations should have the passport with a maximum valid date of six months. Tourist visa:  The foreign tourist visiting Nepal shall be granted the tourist visa. The tourist visa shall be granted for a period in the maximum of 150 days in a visa year i.e. January to December A tourist who has departed before the expiry of…

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  • Responsible Travel and Tourism

    Passages Nepal P. Ltd. A Trekking company promises you a rewarding trip with an experience that lasts your lifetime amidst natural and cultural beauties. Here you will find committed team members, world-class quality, personalized service, closest co-operation, and great company. Our trekking crews have more than a decade of trek leadership experience. We ensure you get the ultimate holiday experience…

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  • Safe Travel

    Is Nepal safe to Travel???  Nepal safety travel destination and information of Nepal trekking Security Politically and Geographically, Nepal is a safe destination for travelers. It is not only safe for travel but also fun, amazing, cultural heritage tours, Trekking, hiking, Expedition, holiday adventure and incredible beauty of natures as well as stunning Himalayan sceneries. If someone asks about safety…

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  • TIM's Permit and Royalty

    Trekkers' Information Management System (TIMS) has been implemented jointly by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN) to ensure safety and security of trekkers and to control illegal trekking operations. Trekking companies will be asked to furnish personal information of trekkres like their passport numbers, nationality and their contact address and their itinerary.…

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