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Trekking in Nepal: "Nepal trekking history and types"

Nepal is one of the best countries where you can trek in. This is because Nepal is home to many mountains in the Himalayan range. Nepal is also home to 8 out of the 14 peaks that are over 8,000 meters tall. There are many trekking regions that have different types of trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas. You can choose various types of Nepal trekking packages all over Nepal. Nepal trekking packages start from a 1-day hike, one week or 7 days trek, 4 days trek 10 to  15 days, or 21 to 3-month trek. The great Himalayan trails are part of trekking packages along Nepal Himalayas.  Village treks, Homestay trek, Hidden valley or restricted area trek, trekking in conservation and National parks,  base camp trek to hiking in main viewpoints. The Diversity of Nepal in culture, flora, fauna, and the custom of Nepal is rich. 

You can trek to many regions that are near these 8,000-meter tall mountains. These Nepal trekking tours include Everest base camp trek in the Everest region, Annapurna Trek, Everest view trek, Mustang Trek, Makalu Trek, and Manaslu trek, and also many more of the region.
There are plenty of other regions that have mountains that are lower than 8000 meters. Trekking in these regions includes Ganesh Himal trekking, Langtang Valley Trek, upper and lower Mustang Trek, etc.

There are various types of treks you can go on in Nepal. You can go for a family Trek or a holiday Trek in the regions mentioned above.
There are also treks depending upon the length. You can go for short treks that last a few days. You also have moderately long treks. These might include trekking for a week or two. Then there are long treks that last more than three weeks or so. But you can google the trek everywhere in Nepal that we are the best Nepal trekking company to organize the best trek in Nepal Himalayas.

Nepal is also a very safe country to travel in. So you can also trek independently. But, if you have not trekked in the mountainous regions, you should take a sherpa, guide, and porters.

Types of Trekking in Nepal

As I have elaborated before, there are various types of treks you can go to. The types of treks depend upon the types of accommodation you choose, the length of the treks, and the accessibility of the regions you go to.

1. Lodge trek or tea house trek:

Depending upon your accommodation, there are two types of treks in Nepal. One of them is a lodge trek which is also referred to as a teahouse trek. In a lodge trek or tea house trek, you will stay in a lodge. The lodge will also provide you with food.

Many regions in Nepal have provisioned the tea house. Everest region trek, Poon Hill Trek, and Annapurna Region trek are the most popular teahouse trek in Nepal. Other teahouse treks in Nepal are the Langtang region trek, Manaslu region trek, Langtang Valley Trek, and Mustang region trek.

2. Camping trek:

While going out on camping treks, you will set up temporary camping tents. Camping treks in Nepal often include going out on off-the-beaten tracks into the wilderness of nature. The camps will be set up by your porter so that you won’t have to bear any hassle.

The various camping treks in Nepal are Dolpo Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek,  Dhaulagiri circuit trek, and Ganesh Himal Base Camp.

3. Short trek:

Short treks in Nepal are amongst the most popular types of treks in Nepal. Short treks last up to a maximum of one week or so. During a short trek, you will trek in the low-altitude regions. The amount of physical preparation you will have to undergo is also quite low.

The most popular short treks in Nepal are Mardi Himal Trek, Langtang Trek, and Ghorepani Poonhill Trek. Also, the Tamang heritage trail trek, Helambu trek, and Panchale trek around Pokhara are becoming popular.

4. Restricted Region Trek:

There are some regions in Nepal where access to international tourists is quite limited. These regions accepted foreign trekkers only quite recently. Besides, these regions are quite close to the neighboring countries. Hence they are geopolitically sensitive as well. So while trekking in these regions, you have to take a guide.

The most popular restricted region treks in Nepal are the Upper Mustang trek, Manaslu trek, and Kanchenjunga trek

Other restricted treks are the Nar Phu Valley Trek, the Sangen Valley trek in Rasuwa, the Tsum valley trek, and the Upper  Dolpo trek.

5. Homestay trek:

As the name itself suggests, in the homestay treks, you will not stay in lodges, tea houses, or luxury hotels. You will stay in the homes of other people. Nepalese are hospitable people. So you won’t have to worry about your stay.

Ganesh Himal homestay trek, Ghale Gaun trek, and Siklish homestay trek are the most popular of the homestay treks in Nepal.


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