Nepal Yoga Trek

Passages Nepal itself has carried vast meaning of providing different kinds of new adventure trekking facilities, hiking routes, Climbing research and mountaineering activities in yogi style to make it complete with daily yoga and meditation involving with monks in the available monasteries. So that we have our healing tours and trek called Monastery visit, yoga treks and Meditation Trek which has nicely and easily designed to provide a different style in trekking and adventure world through adventure yogi style.
Our several and daily yoga, meditation, morning and evening puja with months in the monastery has a good healing effect that used to treat a whole host of ailments. Yoga and meditation has been shown while you are on trek to have great benefits for those who have problem, such as stress, depression, sleep disorder, high blood pressure ,obesity, diabetes, digestive problems, back pain, cervical pain, arthritis, chronic, addiction, join and muscles pain etc. The Monastery puja in the evening and morning are to discover the ways of lives of Monks and their spirit as well as peace and harmony in the life. The yoga and meditation classes will be held basic and advantages during the trek. Our monks, yoga and meditation teachers are everywhere in the centre. Our Guide himself is a yoga teacher with all the practice knowledge.
So, we heartily welcome you to join with us! To heal your body, mind and soul and discover the holistic way of living!! Do yoga and meditation to know your inner most being, reduce your stress, be healthy and live long making a trip to Monasteries, yoga and meditation ways.

Plesae feel free to drop an Email for further more info and to make sure your trip to Nepal Himalayan Monasteries, yoga and meditation trekking at [email protected] or [email protected] and call us at 0097- 9841-720262 (Cell phone, Rankesh) and 00977-1-4701050 (office). Make your yoga trip with us and feel reality of lives. Cheers !

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